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Machine parts description :You may source customized parts from Ningbo Zhenhai Xinxie Machinery Co.,Ltd, with particular specifications and expectations. You may refer to our north American or European customers for our status. Some of them has established long term relationship with us for more than 10 years. They can demonstrate the level of quality and service we offer.

You can find the seven disciplines of precision machining are strictly performed in Ningbo Zhenhai Xinxie Machinery Co., Ltd,:
1) machine geometry and construction,
2) motion control,
3) thermal growth and environmental control,
4) spindle technology,
5) tooling selection and application,
6) machining strategy,
7) real-time performance monitoring and correction.
You can rest assure that all the cumulative effect of errors in these seven steps must not exceed +/-0.0005¡ over the volume of the certain work piece. You can reduce significantly the impact on machining performance of the errors associated with each discipline.

Company Introduce :

Ningbo Zhenhai Xinxie Machinery Co.,Ltd. as a new investment casting foundry was founded in 2008,located in Ningbo of china flourish harbor city, which is next to Shanghai port,serveing as china two biggest exporting ports. Xinxie occupies an area of 3000 square meters, having around 80 employees, with an annual yield of USD 3 million.
Our produces: Machine parts, Casting parts, Extrusion part, Forging parts, Precision machining, Hot forging parts, Industrial spare parts, Cold forging parts, Marine metal parts, Aluminum casting, Construction metal parts, die casting machining parts, Custom machine parts , Transmission components parts and so on.
Former Xinxie Machinery was only dedicated in investment casting (also called precision casting).With 5 years developing, Xinxie has established complete process of casting, machining and surface treatment with other succeeding mechanical services. In 2008, new Xinxie was founded, focused on precision casting and precision machining. With continual investing on precision casting, we introduced advanced precision machining equipment, measuring and inspecting equipment. Those efforts improve our capability, and promote our service.

As a young manufacturer, we take the enterprise sprit as the essential of our growing. The whole factory performs precision as our aim; profession as our motto. As we consider, advance concept is more important than advance equipment, therefore the strict quality management system of ISO/TS16949 was introduced into our factory. We insist such system ensure our concept acting and our equipment running.

Our Servsces
Our broad range of manufacturing range Will reduce your product launch time as Well as reduce the Cost associated With dealing With numerous SuppliersLook to xinxie for providing any of thefollowing Services

Involvement by recommendations in your product design Will yield quality improvement and enhance the functionality of your Componentsit Will be made not 0nly to improve manufacturebut also reduce the CostAppropriate materiais and Working process are often gain Competitive advantage in the marketLet us find the opportunities and contact us today

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